In the reign of Queen Victoria, in 19th. century England, our ancestors planted the seeds of Watershed Farms of Bayou Chicot.

Albert Bowring, head gardener to the Duke of Devonshire was responsible for providing fruit and vegetables for the ducal family and estate staff. There was no refrigeration in those days.

Any excess produce had to be preserved in some way. Fruit became jams and vegetables pickles, chutneys and relishes. Jam and preserve making were traditional in houses large and small.

Our grandmothers, Ella Bowring and Sarah Elliott, created delicious concoctions which they passed on to future generations. These recipes, faithfully reproduced, form the basis for our products today. Our shared enthusiasm for gardening, and the memory of our grandmothers' produce filled kitchens gave us the idea for our retirement business in Central Louisiana. Hence our motto Louisiana meets Victoriana.

Browse our store, read our suggestions and ways some our customers have used our jams or preserves. Visit our store, if you decide to purchase something, use one of our secure methods of payment. Indulge yourself or send our gift boxes to friends and relatives.


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